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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SEO Tech / Account Manager

Looking for a talented SEO Tech / Account Manager with at least two years experience in Organic SEO with a specialty in link building work.

Will work on a variety of SEO/SEM projects in many different industries as an independent contractor. Very competitive salary with rev-share options. Can work from anywhere in the country, but there will be weekly meetings in Jerusalem.

Please send CV’s to


  • Expert at Google Analytics. Know your way around goals, e-commerce tracking.
  • Expert link builder with experience in a variety of off-site SEO techniques
  • Expert at keyword research – identifying low hanging fruit via search volume and competitiveness and setting strategy to attack!
  • Ability to manage multiple SEO campaigns at once.
  • English mother tongue or fluency

Recommended but not required:
  • Familiarity with popular SEO tools,
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, FBML
  • CMS experience with installation and maintence of WordPress, Joomla, etc.
  • PPC Campaigns in Adwords, Facebook, etc.
  • Domain Management experience (DNS, hosting, FTP, etc)


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