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Monday, February 8, 2010

Online Marketing Manager

Job Requirements:

· 2+ years of professional experience in online marketing

· Full understanding of online media, such as pay-per-click,
banner advertising, sponsorships, search engine optimization, online
aggregators and social media VERY IMPORTANT

· Strong understanding of online analytical tools

· Experience working with third party vendors, agencies and
partners is required

· Understanding of online audience needs

· Understanding of web usability, accessibility & standards

· BS/BA in Marketing, Business or related discipline is a
major plus

· Nutritional or wellness background is preferable

· Ability to take initiative and be creative and flexible

· Results-oriented

· Strong communication and presentation skills

Job Responsibilities:

· Gather and Analyze Traffic to the website, customer
behavior, Different sources driving the traffic

· Increasing volume and quality of traffic to the website

· Managing SEO, SEM, PR, affiliates, social networks and
other channels

· Defining and implementing creative campaigns

· Tracking conversion rates and managing marketing budgets

· Building and maintenance of customer base by way of
social media channels

· Ongoing blogging and popular social networks communities
management (Facebook, Flicker etc)

· Development of the communication plan and public relations

· Competitive analysis

Please send your CV to with the title "Online Marketing Manager" in the subject heading.

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