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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Customer Service Supervisor

The LG Call Center is recruiting a female (female only please) with the following qualifications for the post of Customer Service Supervisor:

1. Graduate (not compulsory if she has the necessary experience in this field) at least 12th matriculation pass
2. Good English & good Hebrew (speaking with clients in Hebrew however managers in Office
are English speakers as it is an International Co.)
3. Good communication skills
4. Extensive Knowledge of Ms. Office (preparing reports, charts, statistical data etc)
5. Preferable only female candidate
6. Personal qualifications: active, patient, creativity, motivation to learn more
7. Close to Hertzeliya/Tel Aviv
8. Team leader
9. Possessing technical understanding (of how the system works, server connectivity etc)
10. multi-tasking and capable of working with numerous different applications (various company programs & systems)

11. Possesses Knowledge or minimum 6 months experience in Customer Service (mandatory)

Send Resumes in English at
Also put in relevant job position in Subject Field as there are a few openings at LG.

Good luck and don't forget to mention the Jobs In Israel Blog when you apply!

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