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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Assistant to the Director

Are you super-organized and punctual?

Good with numbers and also with people?

Do you enjoy a challenge and learning new things?

Are you curious about technology and maybe even a little geeky?

If you answered YES to all the questions above, we might have a job for you:

Job Title: Assistant to the Director

Description: Internet consultancy seeks an organized, responsible and
motivated person for full-time administrative position in Talpiot,

Responsibilities include:

1) Track company finances and update the director on a regular basis
with information to enable decision making.

2) Ensuring company receives timely payment by responsibly overseeing
the billing process.

3) Ensure company makes its payments to staff, sub-contractors and
others on time to promote our image as a great business partner.

4) Effectively coordinate information, proactively anticipate issues
and requirements, while responding to demands so that our staff,
clients and subcontractors can complete their jobs efficiently.

5) Assist the Director in various other administrative and technical tasks.

6) Effectively research and organize information in a logical and
systematic manner to aid the director in decision making processes,
planning events and product lines as well as evaluating success.

7) Perform both administrative and technical tasks with an eye on the
bigger picture and client satisfaction.

Skills Required:

1) Mother tongue level English and ability to work in Hebrew

2) Ability to multi-task

3) Windows power-user

4) Internet power-user

5) Ability to create complex spreadsheets including functions for
business calculations.

6) The ability to smile and empathize with others


Bookkeeping, Customer Service, QA, Mac, Linux.

Appropriate candidates should send a CV with reference contact information to and don't forget to mention the Jobs In Israel blog when you apply!

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