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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Entry-Level Quantitative Researchers

Mark Lewis, Inc. is a recruiting firm with a focus on quantitative and technology roles at hedge funds and investment banks across the US and abroad. One of our clients, a US-based hedge fund with an office in Tel Aviv, is interested in hiring entry-level quantitative researchers for their Israeli offices. This is a quantitative hedge fund that engages in high-frequency and medium-frequency trading.

1. MS or PhD in Math, Physics, Statistics, Engineering or a similar field. There is a preference for candidates that graduated undergrad cum laude or higher.
2. Programming background in C or C++.
3. Interest in finance.
4. Good English communication skills.

Hires will be involved in creating models to predict the movement of financial markets. You will utilize your mathematical and programming abilities to accomplish this.

Compensation and Process
Compensation is competitive, and includes a base salary and a yearly bonus. The interview process will involve a written test, 2-3 phone screens and a full day of on-site interviews. Please reach out to us with a copy of your resume. We usually respond to qualified candidates within 24 hours.